Julie’s Animal Encounters and Educational Talks for are held for

  • Children’s Party
  • Holiday Clubs
  • School and Nursery Talks
  • Summer Fayres.

Gentle Giants and not so giants; Snakes, Lizards, Beetles, Millipedes, Praying Mantas’. Spiders, Tarantula, Snails, Stick Insects, Leaf insects and cockroaches!

I can entertain your children with many, many gentle giants and not so giants for approx £150 to £250 (between 2 hours and a full day of show time). Please contact me for a more precise estimate that will be completely tailored for your child’s age group and needs.

I can easily arrange for school visits, covered by fully enhanced DBS staff for either a full day or half day visit.

Contact me by email at Julie@JuliesAnimalEncounters.co.uk